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Tom's Story

Our goal is to embrace the hopes, plans and dreams of us all while taking the curious traveler along a series of immersive adventures.

What's in a name?

People always ask us, who is Tom Harper?  The name is derived from the great literary classic, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, where two best friends, Tom Sawyer and Joe Harper, travel the Mississippi River on grand imaginary adventures.

The story is a testament to the power of the imagination and for us, these historical figures represent an escape to the childlike wonderment of adventure-making. More than any other work in our culture, it established America's vision of childhood. Tom Harper is changing the perception of travel.

You have a priority list. You’re the instigator of your own adventures. It’s a time of development, exploration and purpose. You celebrate life.  So do we.

Getting back to the real reason you love traveling

Skipping school, sneaking out at night, playing tricks on the teacher, and running away for days at a time are all ways of defying authority. Tom Harper is the collaboration of river cruise industry veterans who are breaking all the rules.

You didn't pay thousands of dollars to sit on a cruise ship to watch Broadway shows, eat Vegas-style buffets or sit in your cabin watching satellite TV. We will provide you the most indulgent experience in river cruising today while also delivering the highest quality product around. If you associate Tom Harper with the absolute best travel experience, then we are doing our jobs.

Our goal is to embrace the hopes, plans and dreams of us all while taking the curious traveler along a series of immersive adventures.

Come experience an authentic journey on the open waterways and get inspired…


About the Company

Tom Harper River Journeys Logo

Tom Harper River Journeys was launched early in 2013 by a team of executives from across the river cruising and travel sector. The team, former members of major river cruise companies, brings six decades of combined experience delivering exceptional experiences to avid travelers at phenomenal value and is financially backed by international river cruise companies with 30 years of ship ownership and operating excellence.  The company is obsessively passionate about simplifying the upfront service aspect of buying a river cruise and delivering the most comprehensive and immersive in-destination experience for the money.  By focusing on fixing the pains of today's river cruise experience with best in class talent, partners and operations, Tom Harper is revolutionizing the delivery of epic river adventures.

Tom Harper

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